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“Eichlers” are midcentury modern tract homes built by developer Joseph Eichler between 1950 and 1974. Characterized by mostly flat roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, and central atriums, devotees love Eichler homes for their clean design and flowing spaces. Eichler homeowners also understand that, as aging homes, Eichler roofs need a little extra TLC. Specialized features require specialized expertise!

Replacing an Eichler roof with spray foam is like adding butter to bread…and spray foam roofing is our bread-and-butter.

Energy efficiency

Joseph Eichler was committed to using design to bring the outside in—a feature loved by many homeowners. The downside to all these “open” features is that keeping Eichlers warm in the winter and cool in the summer can be challenging. Spray foam roofing meets this challenge with insulating prowess. For example, when it’s 90 degrees outside, spray foam can lower the interior by 10 to 15 degrees, for a comfortable 75 degrees inside.


Eichler homes often suffer from drainage issues. Over time, their original flat roofs begin to sag and collect water. With spray foam, we don’t just fix leaks (though we do that too), we re-level, filling in low areas and creating a drainage system that will prevent future issues.

Eichler homes need Eichler expertise and materials

Eichler homeowners love the abundance of natural light entering through enormous skylights. We keep these specially sized skylights in stock, making upgrades, repairs, and replacement a breeze. We also stock tongue-in-groove decking (a core element of Eichler homes) and can craft any custom metal edge we need in our sheet metal shop.

An Eichler roof is often roofs—luckily, we’re two roofers-in-one

Many Eichler homes have two very distinct roofs. With A-Frame Eichlers, a flat roof covers most of the house, while a very slanted peak rises over the living area. We specialize in flat roof replacement, but we also have the particular knowledge and expertise to re-roof the peaks with asphalt composition shingles.

We have Eichler experience

Over 1,000 homeowners have hired Abril Roofing to replace the roofs of their Eichler homes. These homeowners know that we understand these modern masterpieces, bringing craftsmanship, experience, and attention to detail and design to every Eichler project we complete. As these homes age, maintenance and upgrades become more and more important—and more difficult. We’re grateful to be able to offer our experience as well as the specialized equipment and materials necessary to care for these beloved gems.