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Complicated Commercial Roof

When a project gets complicated, we always strive to find a solution that’s best for our clients.

One of our more interesting commercial roofing projects concerned a two-story medical office building in Fairfield. The building was getting older, and its flat roof had started leaking. The owners wanted to upgrade to spray foam, which is our specialty. But what made this roofing project more complicated were the solar panels and HVAC units covering the top of the building. Other roofing companies wanted to remove them during the roof replacement, but we weren’t so sure that was best for the client.

Safely removing and then reinstalling all that equipment from the second story would have involved cranes and closing off portions of the street, adding significant costs to the project. Furthermore, the medical offices would have to shut down while the ventilation system was shut off.

Thankfully, our crew had the experience and technical know-how to carefully apply the spray foam around the solar panels and HVAC units. This way, we could avoid the hassle and added costs of removing those items, and the medical offices could continue serving patients during the re-roofing.