Did you know? Ecofoam can lower interior temperatures by as much as 15 degrees on a hot day. Find out how.

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Foam sweet foam.

Before you read all about Abril EcoFoam™, watch this video. We’re basically the Bay Area equivalent of the experts in the video. Grab some popcorn & enjoy.

Did you know? An Ecofoam roof can last the lifetime of your home. Contact us to find out more.

Eco & Health Conscience.

Abril EcoFoam™, or as it's technically known, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the ideal solution for energy conscious Bay Area home owners seeking the highest performing and sustainable options available, because there is no other material on the market more effective and energy efficient.

A Greener Home

The architectural, design and engineering communities have utilized the many benefits and unique characteristics of SPF for nearly half a century and there’s a reason why polyurethane foam is used in most every refrigerator, hot water heater, refreshment cooler, insulated flask, and hot tub.

When considering green materials Abril EcoFoam™ is the material of choice, offering you both a bio-content and a favorable impact on the environment due to its inherent energy saving benefits.

Some products are green because of material they are made from or the energy consumed to produce it. Others, such as Abril EcoFoam™, are also green because of its long lifecycle benefits.

So you’ll not only be reducing your homes carbon footprint the improved heating and cooling efficiency will significantly reduce your energy costs too... and if that wasn’t enough, your home will be more comfortable and healthier too.

A Healthier Home

Ecofoam Insulation provides a sealed thermal envelope. When applied, the insulation conforms and fills each cavity, crevasse and void. ECOfoam Insulation contributes to the overall comfort and health of the occupants of a home because it is a seamless monolithic blanket of insulation.  The foam used in the roofing industry is a closed cell foam.  Inside the cells of the foam contains an inert gas which resists temperature change.  The result is a high R-6.5 per inch insulation rating.  That combined with a “Cool Roof” reflective top coat can achieve up to a 15 degree temperature reduction on hot days and save you up to 30% on your heats costs in the winter.

There are no fibers or “clumps” of loose matter. By reducing air infiltration, the insulation also reduces dust and harmful, household mold and mildew. Ecofoam Insulation provides a healthier, draft-free, indoor environment with no harmful emissions that can cause allergic reactions.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is a major concern for most home owners. Spray Foam Insulation addresses this problem several ways. It is devoid of emissions and contaminants that can affect your health. It improves air quality by nearly eliminating air infiltration. In the summer it will help reduce moisture infiltration and in the winter it will help keep warm humid air in the living space. Since it helps air seal your home it also helps people who suffer from allergies by keeping contaminants out of the living space.

Unlike more traditional methods of insulating, spray foam insulation is free of all HFAs, HCFCs, HFCs, and formaldehyde. Once spray foam has cured and is in place the final product is chemically dead and contains no potential health risks whatsoever.


We’re Eichler Specialists

We understand these modern residential masterpieces inside and out. We bring highly skilled craftsmanship, extensive experience, attention to detail and a sensitivity to design aesthetics to every Eichler project.

Water Ponding

Most flat or low sloped roofs have water drainage problems so standing water can create leaks and shorten the life span of roofs. Because a foam roof is sprayed on we can spray additional foam in low spots to eliminate large water ponds.

Did you know? EcoFoam roofs are made of a durable high-density material which is highly walkable.

All under one roof.

We do more than just install new foam roofs. We recoat and restore existing foam roofs as well. We also offer a slew of other roof related services because installing a new roof rarely involves just roofing.

Outside Contractors

Do you already have a contractor you’re working with but they don’t offer foam roofs? We work with many different outside contractors on various projects like solar, AC and new electric service.

  • Recoating & Restoration

    Foam roofs consist of a layer of foam covered over by a layer of acrylic coating or paint and just like any other paint, it wears off. One highly unique advantage to a foam roof is its sustainability. You can simply reapply the paint to continue the life of the roof.

  • Commercial Foam Roofs

    Abril Roofing also serves the commercial market. We’ve installed foam roofs on schools, apartment complexes, hospitals and industrial buildings and have many references available.

  • Skylights

    Abril Roofing is your skylight specialist. We can replace existing skylights or install brand new ones. We offer all types of skylights including acrylic domed, flat glass, operable and tubular.

  • Eichler Beam Repairs

    Do you have dry rot in your exposed beams or do you simply want to protect them? Abril Roofing does all types of beam repairs and installs protective metal beam caps.

  • Eichler Siding Replacement

    Abril Roofing installs original preprimed Eichler style siding and trim. While the siding is off, Abril Roofing can replace the wall insulation for you also well.

  • Dry Rot Repairs

    When getting your roof redone it is important that all dry rotted wood is replaced. That's why Abril Roofing also has great carpenters.  We replace all types of facia boards and wood sheeting.

  • Other Roofing Systems

    Do you have flat and pitched sections to your roof? While Abril Roofing is a foam roofing specialist, we also do pitched roofing work as well. This includes insulated composition shingles.

  • Drainage Systems

    Having a problem with your water outlet drains clogging with leaves and debris? Abril Roofing can enlarge your drains, downspouts and install drain screens. We also install all types of gutters.

Maintenance Agreement

We offer a very competitively priced 15-year Maintenance Agreement. As part of the agreement, our foam roofing specialists will clear all drains, inspect the roof and make minor repairs, if needed, once a year — at no additional cost (up to $250.) The Agreement also includes a 50% rebate on recoating.

Foam is where our heart is.

Our Abril EcoFoam™ products might be state-of-the-art, but we’re proud to be an good old fashioned family business. You call, we answer. We say we’ll be there at 9am, we’ll be at 9am sharp. Dad’s always said, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
Richard Abril / Owner & Dad
David Kumar / Project Manager
Rick Abril / Client Services
Photo of Richard, David and Rick

Did you know? A recoated foam roof comes with a fully transferable warranty against leaks. Contact us today.

  • We Respect Our People

    We treat all our staff like family. We don’t hire just anyone. We hire talented people we get along with and trust with aligned values. Our company is not a revolving door of contractors, all our staff have been working for us for a longtime and are all certified, experienced and insured.

  • We Respect Your Home

    We appreciate that your home is your castle. We have a leave it cleaner than you find it policy. Our goal is to be as low impact as possible, we want to be in and out, with the minimal disruption to your home life.

  • We Respect The Planet

    We like to think of ourselves as a green company after all we have made thousands of Bay Area homes more sustainable and energy efficient. We also recycle and dispose of all our waste in a responsible manner and are committed to doing all we can to minimize our impact on the planet.

No Hassles

We hate the hard sell just as much as everyone else. So give us a call or drop us a line here for an obligation-free consultation.

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